From idea-phase to finished control or electronic unit - JE has the expertise and the know-how to be your effective and reliable partner.

One or more of the following areas may form the basis of co-operation with our customers:

  • Determination of specifications - e.g. regarding function/use, quality/reliability, service/maintenance, environment/operation, safety/maintenance service, customer/regulatory requirements, financial situation/time frame 

  • Formulation of external interface - for example regarding user-friendliness, hardware/upgrades, external communication, demand for speed/accuracy, safety and adjustments to meet your operational requirements or wishes

  • Consulting services regarding regulatory requirements, CE marking etc.

  • Product development / project description - including an estimate of the costs, price and time frame of the new product. It is often possible to establish rather accurate price estimates at an early stage - regarding both the services of JE and the finished electronic product

  • Preparation of the necessary preliminary and final documentation (hardware and software)

  • Procurement of the required components, start-up of assembly/production, testing/evaluation of the prototype and subsequently a test run and test of the finished product.

A high degree of JE involvement right from the start will enhance the possibility of obtaining a significant optimization with regard to function and price


Did you know that?

JE uses programmable logic in most control units for easy adaption to customer requirements.



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