The word co-operation can be interpreted in different ways, but co-operation in the best sense of the word is what JE strives to deliver.  We are aware that long-time relations with our customers can only be based on a fruitful co-operation between satisfied, equal and honest partners.

Fulfilling this objective requires an active effort on our part, but we strive to provide impeccable service in connection with both development and production. We, therefore, know that we must be available - especially when things go wrong.

We must be flexible and enterprising in case a customer changes his production plans. We must be able to understand the customer's specific needs and support him with state-of-the-art technical know-how throughout the entire process - from idea to product. The fact that we have been able to maintain more than 25 years of co-operation with some of our core customers and to attract new customers can, no doubt, be attributed to our high standard of service.

We offer development of products at low development costs combined with production at extremely competitive prices, and we feel convinced that this business concept is viable and promotes good co-operation relations - preferably with no end date. 

Several of our customers are prepared to tell you more about what to expect from co-operating with JE electronic.

Welcome to JE electronic.



Did you know that..?

Approx. 10% of JE products have GSM/GPRS/3G modems.



JE electronic a/s - Maserativej 3 - DK-7100 Vejle - Denmark - Phone: +45 75 85 70 77 - Fax: +45 75 85 74 80