The company was founded on June 12th 1897 when a Swede by the name of C. M. Jansson set up his business as an electrical contractor in Vejle.

In 1953 the forward-looking P. Ø. Meier bought the company from the founder's son C. F. Jansson and took on more and more industrial projects. As electronic control became an important part of an increasing number of projects, the need to separate this area from other activities arose. In 1979 the company was transformed into its present state. 

In 1986 Jens Buhl joined the company - and on the basis of his education as both an electrician and an electrical engineer he was a welcome asset in the development department.

I 1996 it became possible for Jens Buhl to take ownership of the company - an opportunity he was happy to seize.

Today, JE electronic a/s with its approximately 30 employees is a modern, effective, cost- and quality conscious problem solver.


Did you know that?

Touch technology has become robust and cheap and it is, therefore, widely used in our industrial products.



JE electronic a/s - Maserativej 3 - DK-7100 Vejle - Denmark - Phone: +45 75 85 70 77 - Fax: +45 75 85 74 80