The Customer's Own (External) Development Department

Our customers are often faced with the problem of deciding whether to let their in-house team design and develop their electronics/control systems or whether they should co-operate with an external electronics technician.

The questions considered are basically these:

Does the project involve a core product which needs to be protected and kept under wraps by keeping all data in the company, or is the demand for expert technical knowhow and especially the need to stay competitive of decisive importance?

JE electronic is very often the answer to these questions. Our confidential disclosure agreement will establish the terms of protection and secrecy, and constantly updated technical knowledge and cost-consciousness are the two essential prerequisites of our business.  

Co-operation with JE electronic will ensure the following advantages:

  • The flexibility of a small organisation

  • The advantages of our realisation of the fact that a small organisation can only survive on a high level of service

  • A solid understanding of the situation and the processes

  • Creative trouble-shooting

  • Experienced buyer of components (finding the right unit at the right price)

  • Low costs

  • Efficient management of development processes with scheduled completion terms (regarding technical basis, requirements specification, product description, time-frame, cost / price)

  • Precision and observance of agreements

  • State-of-the-art documentation

  • JE electronic undertakes to arrange all necessary services from other partners - e.g. manufacture/adjustment of cabinets, cable/lead units, control panels etc.  

  • Complete testing (components, prototype, final testing)


Did you know that?

JE develops and manufactures control units for many types of waste management systems.



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